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Amendment to Kerala Shops & Establishment Rules

Brief Note on the Amendment to Kerala Shops & Establishment Rules, 1961

This note is only intended as a general overview and is not to be viewed as a substitute for legal advice. Brands & Bonds shall not be liable for any actions taken or not taken on the basis of this note.

The Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act has been enacted to regulate the working conditions, rights of employees in the unorganised sector and to provide for statutory obligations of the employers. The Act covers all shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels & restaurants, theatres, and other establishments. The recent amendment to the Rules of the said Act (Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Rules) dated 16.09.2015 has introduced additional responsibilities to the management of establishments.

A shop or an establishment having 20 or more employees are classified as big establishments while those with less than 20 but more than 6 employees are classified as medium and establishments with less than 6 employees are termed small establishments.

Important changes introduced by the Amendment are:

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