brands and bonds

We assist our clients in registration of their Intellectual property rights including Patent, Trademarks/service marks, Copyright and Designs in India.

B & B teams up with qualified and experienced IP professionals with domain subject expertise. At B & B, we accord quality professional standard commensurate with international standards. We vouch for a process based, time bound and tailor made services catering the needs of our client. As a practice we maintain a maximum of 12 hour turnaround time for replying with detailed replies to the queries of clients considering the time zone difference.

A list of services is provided below.

  • Scrutiny and identification of Intellectual Property
  • Filing and registrations
  • Intellectual Property solutions
  • Advisory and Transactions
  • Enforcements


  • Patentability/Prior Art Search and Analysis
  • Drafting and filing of Patents
  • Drafting of Patents according USPTO standards


  • Trademark Conflict Search and Analysis
  • Trademark filing and prosecution in India
  • Portfolio management
  • Trademark Opposition and Infringements
  • Drafting and vetting of Trademark Assignment/License Agreements, Master Royalty Agreements etc.


  • Filing and registration
  • Drafting of copyright Assignment Agreement, License Agreement etc
  • Advise on infringement and analysis


  • Filing and prosecution of design application till registration
  • Advise on infringement and analysis
  • Drafting, filing of Design Removal Applications