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Licenses and Legal Compliance on Open Source and Open Source Audit

Software in many a jurisdiction are a subject matter of copyrights rather than patents. Traditionally, the software was proprietary in nature and the source code of such software was closed or in other words was not available to the general public. However, the germane copy left and open source software has become ubiquitous in Information Technology Industry globally. Presently, many software developing companies work in a hybrid environment combining proprietary software with open source software creating a mixed IP environment.

An indicative list of services is provided below.

  • Comprehensive Legal Due Diligence: Analysis of all the OSS software used on the software assets and accordingly provides detailed report on the legal exposure in using such open source software in such software assets.
  • Compliance Report: We provide the legal compliance report on the software assets after conducting the Comprehensive Legal Due Diligence
  • Open Source Audit: We undertake continuous/ongoing audit of the open source software used by the organization and comprehensive analysis of license risk and obligation. Audit helps the organization to understand the license obligations embedded in the open source software used in products. The legal audit assists the organization in integrating the proprietary software to open source packages and identifies non-compactable licenses.
  • Open Source Policies and Open Source Governance: We assist organizations in identifying compactable and minimal risk licenses for effective use of open source software. We assist the organization to define its in-house open source software policies.
  • Open source software IP management : Open source software IP management has become imperative to almost every type of software developers and IP creators be it large enterprises or small startups. We assist in developing (i) the business strategy (ii) Periodic review of Open source code, licenses, and contracts (iii) advise on best practices to manage potential risks and liabilities.